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About Us


St. Louis Impact is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 2017 by Matt Fry, Kyle Brannam, and Sherron Rives with the goal of providing top tier baseball and softball training to all passionate athletes no matter their socioeconomic situation. St. Louis Impact has never turned a player away because of money and every dollar donated to St. Louis Impact goes to the players athletic development and life skills training. 

With youth sports becoming a billion dollar industry, many corporate baseball and softball programs are designed to make money. On average, 30 percent of every dollar fails to go to the players development. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, that is not the case with St. Louis Impact. Every dollar donated to St. Louis Impact is committed to developing young men and women in the game of baseball/softball and life. 
St. Louis Impact develops young men and women to compete at the highest level of baseball. We work hard, practice harder, and have fun on and off the field. Our program surrounds young men and women with positive role models and leaders who have been successful at high levels of competition and in all aspects of life. Positive role models make a big difference to young men and women; challenging them to do things that are required to excel.
St. Louis Impact adheres to the following core values:
* No player turned away because of money. 
* Every dollar donated to St. Louis Impact is spent on players.
* Impact players give back to the community that gives to them. 
* Work hard, practice harder, and have fun. 
* Be positive, you will have another game, at bat, throw, pitch, etc.   
* The right combination of conditioning, coaching, and competing builds the character needed to excel. 
* Team accomplishments are greater than individual accomplishments.
* Support your teammates through good times and bad. 
* Youth players should be given the opportunity to play different positions and bat in different slots. 

St. Louis Impact hope you will make an impact and join the family.

Make An Impact Today!

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